BCA Mayor Alex Nuttal’s message

Dear Members of the Barrie Construction Association

On behalf of Barrie City Council, I would like to extend my gratitude to the members of the Barrie Construction Association (BCA) for your unwavering dedication and partnership in building our beautiful city.

As Mayor of Barrie, it fills me with immense pride to witness the outstanding efforts and contributions of the construction industry, which you all represent with utmost excellence. The City of Barrie has flourished under your skilled hands and innovative ideas, and the vital role you play in shaping the fabric of our city.

One crucial aspect where your efforts have proved invaluable is in addressing the pressing need for more attainable housing for our residents. As we all know, housing affordability remains a significant concern across the province. However, through your dedication and hard work, the BCA plays an active role in fulfilling the Provincial housing targets that the City of Barrie have been presented with.

Your commitment to your trade will continue to result in the construction of diverse and accessible housing options for countless families who have chosen to call the city of Barrie home.

The positive impact of the construction industry goes far beyond the physical structures it creates; it enriches communities and creates ample employment opportunities for Barrie and Simcoe County residents.

Please know that the City of Barrie is committed to supporting the BCA’s growth and development, recognizing its pivotal role in fulfilling our shared goals. Together, we will continue to build a thriving city that we can all be proud to call home.

Thank you for your unwavering support and continued partnership.