BCA offers Z-462 training for City of Barrie projects

BCA Z-462 training

The Barrie Construction Association will be offering Z-462 training on April 24.

The association says the training is mandatory for contractors “working on any City of Barrie building or site for workers with the potential to be exposed to electrical hazards.”

BCA plans room assistant Alicia Blow says: “I have attached a copy of the City of Barrie’s Safety Policy that stated: “Minimum training for employees with the potential to be exposed to electrical hazards while working will include: i. City of Barrie Policies & Procedures pertaining to the work ii. Control of Hazardous Energy – ESA or equivalent iii. Z462 training – ESA or equivalent . . .”

This training is not only required for electricians, but for general contractors as well, Blow says.

 To register click https://www.barrieca.com/product/Z462/