Construction contracts: The CCA trade contractor’s checklist

BCA trade contractors

The Barrie Construction Association (BCA) will present a half-day program for trade contractors on April 19, relating to the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) Trade Contractors Council CCA 53 document, “to assist trade contractors in reviewing contracts, no  matter what their position in relation to the project.”

“CCA 53 highlights the important clauses that frequently appear in construction contracts or subcontracts, which can adversely affect the rights and obligations of trade contractors,” the invitation says.

“This half-day session will discuss trade contractors’ contractual responsibilities and will analyze the checklist of important clauses identified in CCA 53” including “design responsibility, scope of subcontract work, payment, insurance, protection-of-work, implied vs. expressed warranties, temporary site facilities, delay, changes” and other issues.

“Discussions will focus on what to be on the look-out for when reviewing an attempting to understand the construction contracts you are asked to sign.”

Participants will receive a hardcopy of the new CCA 53 and CCA 1 documents.

The fee for the program from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 at the BCA offices, 200 Brock St., is $60 plus HST for members and $80 plus HST for non-members.