Orillia increases building permit fees 21% over three years

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Barrie Construction Report staff writer

Orillia’s building permit fees will increase an average of 21 per cent over the next three years, but the rise will be phased in gradually because of concerns from the development industry. Fees will increase by seven per cent on Jan. 1 2013, 2014 and 2015, bringing the rate up to par with other similar-sized Ontario communities and other municipalities in Simcoe County.

The increase, originally proposed by council as 14 per cent in 2013 and seven per cent in 2014, was altered to the three-year program after public consultation meetings. Orillia’s chief building official Kelly Smith says the seven per cent represents an average, noting that some fees will remain the same while others will increase more.

In a news release, the City of Orillia noted it had not changed fees or the way fees are calculated in five years, that the former fee structure did not cover the cost of building inspections, and stated that the general taxpayer was paying a greater portion of the service cost than was appropriate.