Ramara Township posts several tender opportunities

ramara township

The Township of Ramara has posted several tenders.

WD-18-01 – Mosquito Aerial Larviciding – Supply of Product

WD-18-02 – Mosquito Aerial Larviciding – Aerial Application

WD-18-03 – Daily Equipment Rental with Operator

WD-18-04 – Street Sweeping

WD-18-05 – Pavement Marking

WD-18-06 – Parking Lot Painting

WD-18-07 – Supply Of Three (3) New Half Ton Pickup Trucks

WD-18-08 – Hot Mix Asphalt Patching

WD-18-09 – Temporary Traffic Control

You can access the detailed documentation at this link. 

Contact Josh Kavanagh  at (705) 484-5374 ext 290  if you have any questions.