SDS – Safety Design Strategies provides comprehensive safety personnel and services for construction and industrial sites


Barrie Construction Association Report special feature

SDS – Safety Design Strategies provides safety personnel and services to construction and industrial sites throughout Canada. The company’s solution of providing on-site safety professionals allows clients the flexibility of safety coverage when and where they need it.

For years, SDS has been focusing on the safety needs of each client, from the beginning stages of the first shovel in the ground right through to project completion. “Working with our clients and understanding how we can alleviate their safety concerns is paramount in our thinking,” said Tammi Dean, director of operations.


All projects seem to struggle with the same challenges. Keeping employees and subcontractors up to date with safety training and proper documentation to work on site is number one. SDS focuses on providing clients with theory and practical training that is convenient and readily available. “We make sure we are available for training each day if needed,” says Jesse Godin, SDS safety and rescue coordinator who is working on a large complex project located in the Toronto region. “Our clients appreciate the flexibility and convenience of the on-site training we provide.”

SDS is opening a new training centre in Vaughan so companies can send employees or subcontractors for additional training if required. SDS will always offer convenient on-site training but the new location will have more room for classroom theory and practical (including confined space and high angle rescue) training. Scheduled changes will be coming in regards to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and regulations and SDS is prepared to provide the updated training that will be needed. SDS has also partnered with Canadian Red Cross to offer flexible solutions for First Aid/CPR/AED certification that suits everyone’s schedules.

Creating and streamlining safety policies and procedures that make sense is another challenge where SDS is focusing. “Implementing successful safety strategies from the beginning of a project sets the site safety culture and ultimately safe production right from the start,” Dean said.

SDS works with businesses of all sizes, from “father and son” enterprises, to some of the largest contractors working on multi-billion dollar projects in ICI, tunnelling, automotive, nuclear, mining and residential. The company’s consultants have provided safety consulting, safety management, safety inspections, safety administration, safety training and confined space/high angle rescue. “It’s a great feeling to work with clients who put safety at the forefront of their business,” says Dean.

SDS is a proud sponsor of “Steps for Life”, a walk for families of workplace tragedies in cities across Canada. “It is a great venue for raising awareness of workplace safety and prevention,” Dean said. “All funds raised go to support families through Threads of Life family support programs and services.”

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