Ten years of success – The result of team work with exceptional clients


Barrie Construction Asssociation Report special feature

SDS’s management team has been around for more than 30 years, but this year they are celebrating 10 years strong as Safety Design Strategies (SDS).

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the exceptional clients we work with,” says Bill Glover, CEO and senior safety consultant of SDS. “I’ve been in the safety business a long time and I’m very fortunate to work with great clients who really understand what it takes to create safe and successful projects.”

Most companies, both in construction and industrial, spout “safety comes first”, but in the real world that’s not always the case. “That’s why I say we work with exceptional clients – because they do think and act safety,” he says.

SDS has more than 350 clients in Ontario alone, providing safety consulting, on-site safety personnel, safety inspections, safety training and confined space rescue. The company is one of the only safety companies in Canada that offer full safety services, providing convenience while saving thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per project.

“We are excited to be providing safety at some of the largest sites in Ontario including the Henvey Inlet 300-megawatt wind project on the northeast shore of Georgian Bay and at the 900-megawatt Napanee Generating Station project,” says Glover. “This has been our busiest year yet with more than 40 full time employees filling crucial safety roles with site specific experience.”

SDS’s clients include construction management firms, solar, essay writer, gas and nuclear energy companies, pipeline, automotive manufacturers, school boards, municipalities and provincial and federal agencies.

The continual growth of SDS is the result of a passion for customer service that Glover and all employees at SDS share. “Every employee at SDS has their own skill set and experiences in safety cultures,” explains Tammi Dean, director of operations. “We have a great team of safety and rescue professionals who all contribute to the success of our company. No matter what the safety need is, we all work as a team with our clients.”

Visit www.sds-safety.com for more information on all safety services and training courses SDS offers.