The Construction Act


The BCA continues to support our members with opportunities to network and build relationships with the public buyers in our area.

The year 2017 brought sweeping legislative changes in the form of Bill 142 that will affect how we do business in Ontario. These changes did not happen overnight. The BCA is a long-standing member of the Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA) and COCA and its members have been lobbying at Queen’s Park for more than 20 years to have the outdated and ineffective Construction Lien Act changed.

The BCA represented its members alongside COCA during these years, and Alison Smith presented to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly during the public hearings. This is a hard-fought victory for the BCA and COCA.

On December 12,, 2017 The Construction Act received Royal Assent and this has modernized the construction lien and holdback rules and timelines. It has also introduced a prompt payment regime for all construction projects and it implements adjudication as a process to speed up dispute resolution.

The BCA hosted two informative sessions detailing these changes and purposefully invited our public purchasing partners. It is imperative that municipalities change their payment processes.

We will be organizing additional sessions in the future as regulations are enacted.