Collingwood issues RFP for iconic grain terminals revitalization


Ontario Construction News staff writer

After receiving six proposals, the Town of Collingwood has selected proponents to submit RFPs for grain terminals revitalization project. They are:

  • Diamante Urban Corporation
  • Fram Building Group Ltd.
  • Streetcar Developments Inc. & Dream Unlimited Corp

In a report in 2018, the cost to renovate the building was estimated at $10 million, while the cost to demolish it was $5 million. The concrete terminals were built in 1929.

The town expects the RFP process to close in July and a successful developer will be chosen in August.

Each of the three proponents have outlined a commitment to work within the guiding principles established by the town including structural preservation of the terminals in some form, optimized public access and to energize and animate Heritage Drive.

After the RFP closes, staff will complete a compliance review with the independent fairness monitor, followed by technical evaluation, and those meeting the criteria will be advanced to the interview stage. To uphold the integrity of the RFP, proponents are not permitted to engage with the public until a successful proponent is selected. public consultation strategy.

The Town anticipates the selection of the preferred proponent will take place in August 2022.