Construction industry helping Canadian veterans through Helmets to Hardhats program

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Those serving in the Canadian Armed Forces have a history of professionalism, dedication and service to their country.

Over their years of service, they have developed valuable additional expertise — leadership abilities, communication skills and a strong work ethic — skills which are in high demand within the civilian work force.

“Not everyone who transitions from the Armed Forces to a civilian career has access to a support mechanism that can help them overcome the obstacles to finding a new career,” explains Alex Lolua, chair Helmets to Hardhats Board of Directors.

“Helmets to Hardhats Canada was founded to specifically help veterans and serving reservists transition into stable careers in Canada’s building and construction trades. We offer employment counselling, resume help and referrals to those seeking a new opportunity as they transition to civilian life.”

The overwhelming theme in the feedback received from successful veterans is the sense of relief and pride they experience in securing a new career with stable pay and great benefits, which the building trades offer.

Recognition by the industry of their previous military service and proper trades training goes a long way to easing their transition.

“We invite everyone to read the testimonials on these pages, sent to us by those we have helped. These courageous young men and women continue to serve Canada as they work within their chosen trades, and will continue to serve as an inspiration to many,” Lolua said in a statement.

“On behalf of Helmets to Hardhats Canada, we thank everyone who supports our program and convey the gratitude of the many men and women of Canada’s Armed Forces who benefit from it.”

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