Another big year for development across Barrie as numerous plans focus on intensification

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The following development applications are currently moving through the city’s Development Review Process:

Ward 1

27 & 31 Blake Street

6-storey apartment building with 34 units

849413 Ontario Ltd.

189, 191, 195 and 197 Duckworth Street

Multi-residential student housing

Innovative Planning Solutions

290, 294, 298 and 302 Georgian Drive

19-storey building with 376 residential rental apartment units and ground-floor commercial space

MHBC Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture on behalf of TMD Atria Corporation

37 Johnson Street

11-storey apartment – D.D. 37 Johnson St. (Starlight Investments)

Ward 2

The 5 Points

20-storey apartment building with 208 residential condominium units with associated parking and ground floor commercial uses

Advance Tech Developments

Barrie Central Collegiate & Red Storey Field

Mixed-use development comprised of two 20-storey and one 10-storey residential towers, a YMCA community facility and urban parkette

HIP Barrie Central Inc.

113 & 117 Bayfield Street and 6, 8 & 12 Sophia Street East

Eight-storey apartment building that will contain 108 residential units

Jones Consulting Group Ltd.

136 & 112 Bayfield Street, 14 Sophia Street West, and 113 & 115 Maple Avenue

34-storey mixed use condominium building with ground floor commercial uses and 8 townhouse units

KLM Planning Partners Inc.

134, 136, 138 Berczy Street

14-unit townhouse development

Soho James Inc.

51-75 Bradford Street and 20 Checkley Street

Mixed use waterfront project

Greenwin Barrie Inc. and 2714708 Ontario Inc.

220 Bradford Street

14-storey (121 unit) apartment building with ground floor commercial use

Mataj Architecture Inc.

79 Collier Street

15-storey mixed-use building containing 126 residential units, ground floor commercial space, and underground parking

MHBC Planning

19 Dundonald Street

Nine-storey apartment building with 67 units and two levels of underground parking

Innovative Planning Solutions Inc.

39-67 Dunlop Street West & 35-37 Mary Street

Mixed-use, high-rise development with two 32-storey residential towers including a 6-storey podium

Barrie Waterfront Developments Inc.

217 Dunlop Street East

15-storey, 41 unit mixed-use condominium

Salter Pilon

284 & 286 Dunlop Street West, and 119 & 121 Henry Street

16-storey mixed-use building 2i5h 132 residential units, ground floor commercial space, and underground parking

Arten Development Group

9-17, 21, 23, 25 Owen Street & 47, 49, 51, 53 Collier Street

16-storey, 290 unit retirement residence

Revera Inc.

10–24 Grove Street West

3 buildings ranging from 22–24 storeys with 2-, 4- and 8-storey buildings, total of 924 residential rental units with parking

Grove Street Developments Inc. (YMCA)

53, 55, 59, 61, 67 Owen St; 70–74, 76, 78 Worsley St; 55, 57 McDonald Street

6-storey mixed-use podium building with an eight 8-storey tower and 20-storey tower at the corner of Owen Street and Worsley Street

Barrie Owen Service Inc.

45 & 51 Penetang Street

6-storey residential apartment building with 50 units and underground parking

Innovative Planning Solutions

150 Toronto Street & 54 Ross Street

Proposed extension of existing zoning for Victoria Village

Innovative Planning Solutions

Ward 3

303 Cundles Road East

Three 10-storey residential apartment buildings

Jones Consulting Group for Penady (North Barrie) Inc.

10 & 20 Little Lake Drive

141 Retirement Home Units and 141 Condominium Units

1815496 Ontario Limited

544 & 550 St. Vincent Street

22-unit residential condominium

ASA Developments

Ward 4

70 & 76 Edgehill Drive

100 back-to-back townhouses, nine block/cluster townhouses

Innovative Planning Solutions

101 Kozlov Street

Stacked townhouse units

Green Valley Construction Corporation

151 Lillian Crescent

Two-storey, 12-unit apartment building

Redwood Park Communities

Ward 5

105, 107, 109, 111 Edgehill Drive

78 back-to-back townhouse units within 5 buildings

Innovative Planning Solutions c/o Darren Vella

180, 190 Ferndale Drive North & 59, 61 Sproule Drive

300 residential apartment units, approx. 2 ha of commercial development, neighbourhood park and stormwater management facility

301099 Ontario Limited (Previn Court)

20, 30 & 40 Miller Drive

209 units in two- to four-storey apartments, stacked townhouses and townhouses

Hedburn Development Corporation

152 & 156 Miller Drive

Semi-detached residential units and 71 block townhouse units

Park City Inc.

Ward 6

158, 162, 166, 170 Ardagh Road

27 street townhouses, 19 block/cluster townhouses, and 12 back-to-back townhouses, extension of Bishop Drive, and stormwater management pond

Hedbern Development Corporation

224 Ardagh Road and part of 250 Ardagh Road

Six-storey mixed use building with commercial space and 50 apartments, and 31 townhouses

2596843 Ontario Inc.

350, 354 Ardagh Road & 2, 4, 6 & 8 Teck Road

17 single detached homes

1862145 Ontario Inc.

76 Bryne Drive

Five-storey mixed use building with ground floor commercial units and 48 residential units

Blackthorn Development Corp.

390 Essa Road

Six-storey apartment building

The SOHO James Incorporated

401 Essa Road

45-unit residential block townhouse development

Sean Mason (Essa Road) Inc

405 Essa Road

16 residential units in the form of block, stacked and back to back townhouse units

Sean Mason Homes

40 Harvie Road

Industrial/Commercial Plan of Subdivision

Bell Media

108, 116, 122 Harvie Road

127 dwelling units and the extension of Beacon Road

Jones Consulting Group Ltd. on behalf of ASA Development Inc.

46, 50, 52 & 56 Patterson Road

48-unit block cluster townhouse development

Farrage Developments Inc.

189 Summerset Drive

218 back-to-back townhouses and a 90-unit apartment building

Innovative Planning Solutions

339 Veteran’s Drive and 341 Veteran’s Lane

57-unit residential block/cluster townhouse (33 units) and four-storey walk-up apartment (24 units)

Sean Mason Homes

Ward 7

Bryne Drive Extension / Hwy. 400 / Harvie Road

Extension to temporary use permissions until development proceeds

Smart Centres on behalf of Barrie-Bryne Developments

316 & 326 Bryne Drive

Six-storey Holiday Inn Express hotel building

Mataj Architects

149 Caplan Avenue

Multi-tenanted Industrial Building (6,948.8m2)

Capreid Inc.

8001 County Road 27

38 townhouse blocks with 199 residential units

MHBC Planning, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture on behalf of DiPoce (Innisfil) Inc.

521 & 525 Essa Road

48 back-to-back townhouse dwelling units

Encore Development Group

541 Essa Road

Four residential block townhouse units

1862145 Ontario Inc.

570, 574, 576 Essa Road

Six-storey multi-residential building with 52 condominium units

Goodreid Planning Group

729 and 733 Essa Road

Five-storey residential building with 46 units

Innovative Planning Solutions Inc. on behalf of Ali Nejad

829 Essa Road

Eight unit street townhouse block

2591451 Ontario Inc.

407–419 Mapleview Drive West

Four 22-unit back-to-back townhouse blocks

Innovative Planning Solutions (IPS)

45 McKay Road West

16 employment blocks

Watersand Construction Limited

124, 180, 228 McKay Road West

839 residential units one neighbourhood park, one elementary school, and one high density residential block

H&H Capital

229 McKay Road West & 980 Veteran’s Drive

1,104 single detached residential lots, 157 street townhouses, 241 laneway townhouses, one future commercial block, one elementary school, one neighbourhood park, one village square

Watersand Construction Limited

Ward 8

249 Bayview Drive

Ground floor commercial and three floors of residential condominium apartments

Mofan Holdings Ltd.

520 & 526 Big Bay Point Road

Six-storey, 46-unit apartment building

Innovative Planning Solutions on behalf of Morriello Construction Ltd

181 Burton Avenue

Three-storey 22-unit apartment building

8952175 Canada Corp. o/a Uplands Holding

17 Jacob’s Terrace, 259 Innisfil Street, 41 and 43 Essa Road

Six towers ranging in height from 20 to 37 storeys

Tonlu Properties

428 Little Avenue & 237 Foster Drive

Multi-residential condominium development consisting of 50 townhouse units

428 Little Inc., c/o Celeste Phillips Planning Inc.

410 Yonge Street & 343 Little Ave.

153-unit condominium townhouse development

Innovative Planning Solutions on behalf of Mason Homes Ltd.

Ward 9

377 Big Bay Point Road

28 three-storey Condominium townhomes

260 Burton St. Inc.

521 Huronia Road

104 residential townhouses

MacNaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson (MHBC) Planning Limited

400 Lockhart Road

470 to 594 residential units in a mix of housing types

Jones Consulting Group Ltd. on behalf of Barrie Lockhart GP Inc.

680 Lockhart Road

142 single-detached dwelling units, 100 semi-detached dwelling units and 154 street townhouse units; together with a public elementary school block and a community centre/community park block

Rainsong Land Development Inc.

515 Mapleview Drive East

288 single-detached dwelling units, 32 street townhouse units and 196 apartment units on two (2) mixed-use blocks

Bemp Holdings 2 Inc.

759 Yonge Street

1,326 residential units and approximately 30,000 square feet of retail/commercial at the base of mid-rise buildings adjacent to the Barrie South GO Station and along the Yonge Street corridor

32514586 Canada Inc.

989 Yonge Street

1,217 residential units and commercial space

The Jones Consulting Group

1012 Yonge Street

1,029 residential units – three six-storey and two three-storey multi-residential buildings and 10 townhouse units, commercial space along Yonge Street and underground and surface parking

Innovative Planning Solutions Inc. on behalf of Crown (Barrie) Developments inc.

Ward 10

821 Big Bay Point Road

30 townhouse units

Baldwin Planning and Development Consultants

1005, 1025 Big Bay Point Road / 3320 20th Sideroad

756 residential units (536 single detached residential lots, 92 semi-detached residential lots and 128 street townhouse units)

1597229 Ontario Inc. (Blue Sky)

750 Lockhart Road

87 street townhouse units

Ballymore Building

723 Mapleview Drive East

Three 6-storey multi residential buildings containing a total of 348 units

The Jones Consulting Group Ltd. on behalf of The Pratt Hansen Group

793 Mapleview Drive East

543 single detached residential lots, 360 street townhouses, 66 affordable walk-up apartments, two high density residential blocks, two village squares, park, elementary school, fire station, open space

Pratt Hansen Group Inc.

883 Mapleview Drive East

457 single detached residential lots, 113 street townhouses, village square

1091369 Ontario Inc.

953 Mapleview Drive East

Subdivision with 506 units

The Jones Consulting Group Ltd., on behalf of Mapleview South (Innisfil) Ltd.

932, 970, 1002 & 1006 Mapleview Drive East

792 residential units (511 single detached residential lots, 100 semi-detached residential lots, 60 street townhouse units and two mixed-use blocks with an additional 121 residential units)

LM Barrie Holdings & 2121191 Ontario Inc.