Look up … Way up! 2020 was a big year for development in Barrie and 2021 will continue that trend as intensification speeds up

barrie development map

There are many exciting things happening in the City of Barrie when it comes to new development.

In 2020, development approvals applications continued to be robust and meetings in virtual settings have allowed applications to move through the development approvals process, says Michelle Banfield, director of development services.

Many proposals included increased density – with residential towers reaching 30, 34 and 42 storeys.

In addition to an active development industry, 2020 is the year that the city is releasing the draft Official Plan (OP) to the public for review and comment.

“The new OP will provide clear vision, direction and a framework for the future growth of Barrie and the transformation the itcy is experiencing,” Banfield says. “It’s a growth management strategy that prepares Barrie for 20 years of significant growth into 2041, while meeting provincial policies.”

The OP will also include city-wide urban design guidelines that will ensure high quality built form and architectural design. The draft Official Plan was shared in October for a 90-day consultation period, then there will be more public consultation (open houses and meetings) in spring 2021, before the final document is adopted next fall.

Development interest continues in both the Salem and Hewitt’s Secondary Plan areas, but also in the downtown and along intensification corridors.

“In addition, several mixed use developments, commercial and industrial applications are being processed to enhance the City of Barrie as a complete community with places for people to spend their lives and have all their needs met in our city,” Banfield said.

You can learn more about approved and proposed developments, and where they are in the process, by clicking on this City of Barrie link.

Also, you can review the city’s 2019 Growth Report.