Troy Life & Fire Safety: 23 employees contribute to community initiatives


Barrie Construction Association Report staff writer

            Troy Life & Fire Safety first opened in Barrie four years ago, with a staff of seven and an understanding of the Barrie market’s potential. Now, the office has grown to 23 employees, including  two designers who support other Canadian communities and regularly work from Thunder Bay to Ottawa.

            The multi-branch company is a compete sales and service provider for fire alarms, fire detection, fire sprinkler, building security and building communications products and services.

            Mike Simard, Barrie office branch manager and road supervisor, says Troy Life overall has  570 employees in 30 offices across the country. “We’re Canadian and employee owned. Even in a tough economy, we’ve proven an ability to recognize opportunities for growth.  We have good people, backed by a good company and we’re now looking to expand our office space.”

            Troy staff are working on the mammoth  the Detour Gold project. “We’re looking at taking on new hires and apprentices to support that project,” he said. “Over time we’ll filter different members of the team through because it’s a good job, with good pay and it’s nice for everyone to share in the overtime.”

            Simard says Troy is committed to attracting good people, who are able to wear different hats to support the company through slower times, and who embody the company’s philosophy of customer support and service. “We are very customer oriented and I’m always getting letters about the quality of our staff,” he said.  “Whether it’s the guy working at the long-term care facility helping a resident to his car for an appointment or the guys who pick up donuts and coffee for the staff at the project they’re working on, there are all kinds of little examples of people going out of their way to connect to the people they’re working with.”

            Within Barrie, Simard says his company has worked on the new agricultural building and with Mady Corporation , which is overseeing several projects in the region.  “It’s great to see the work Mady is doing in the area and really great to be part of it.”

Troy also supports several projects outside the city but ensure staff remains connected to home. “We have a project going on in Thunder Bay right now and rather than have our guy driving, we fly him in and out so he has more time at home and can be back for regular family activities and events.”

Employees receive training upgrades and prep time before each project.  “I’ll spend time at each site before we start work so when our guys go in they know exactly what they need to do and how to get it done right.”

Simard says Troy Life & Fire Safety is a proud member of the Barrie Construction Association and supports the BCA’s  charitable events and programs. For more information visit