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Alison smith
Alison Smith

            How you can participate in developing innovations and ideas

By Alison Smith

BCA administrative director

The BCA board of directors and staff are pleased to present you with our sixth annual BCA Magazine, your only official BCA publication.

Here is an update of some of the initiatives we have undertaken and are implementing this year, and an invitation to get involved to enhance the association, the community, and your own relationships.

Revamped and relevant plans room

The board of directors and staff are fully committed to ensure that this association continues to remain relevant and current in the ever-changing electronic project landscape. In alliance with 11 other Local Construction Associations (LCAs), the BCA is currently revamping the electronic plans room  with updated technology and will be launching the BestBidz plans room in the near future. The updated platform will use state-of-the-art software;  subscribers will have access to low bid/award data, data exports, advanced search filters and on screen take-offs just to name a few of the new features. The content of an LCA plans room is far superior to any other in the market. Plans are uploaded by trained staff, the first line of quality control for municipalities and architects. The BCA continues to utilize its alliance with Reed Construction Data to source out many projects not previously available to a local construction association. Reed’s leverage persuades difficult public sources to share their projects with the BCA.

Working with City of Barrie purchasing staff to ensure members’ opportunities

In the past year, the BCA board of directors has worked with City of Barrie purchasing


staff to ensure that as many opportunities as possible are made available to the BCA


members. BCA staff have met with the Georgian Bay Area Public Purchasing Co-operative to


encourage its members to share all of their project data with the BCA.


The BCA board of directors invites members’ feedback

The association is governed by the board of directors, which determines policy and prescribes courses of action. All  board of directors administrative decisions are taken from the perspective that they should help the BCA members in the long term. The association’s staff administers the day-to-day affairs in accordance with decisions and policy established by the directors and committees.

We routinely invite members to provide suggestions on all aspects of the association and I encourage all members to take an active role in the association, whether by joining the board, sitting on one of the many committees that determine policies and procedures or by simply contacting the board and/or staff with your comments.

Initiatives: Relocated BCA offices and new a new Community Stage

This magazine includes many interesting and informative articles about your association and its affiliates. This past year saw great initiatives taken on by the board and staff including the relocation of the BCA offices and the Community Stage. The BCA’s strength is the active involvement and diversity of its members. Should you have any ideas for future publications, be sure to drop a line to me at

Alison Smith

Administrative Director