Barrie charity builds homes in Dominican Republic


Special to Ontario Construction News

Builders For Change, a group of volunteers based in Barrie, returned to Ontario in early December, after an intense four-day build in the Dominican Republic.

Delegates fundraised for the build and volunteered to build three homes to create a better quality of life for the recipients and their families.

Nuevo Renacer is an impoverished community in Puerto Plata where people are living in abject poverty, many in dwellings leaving them vulnerable to high winds, rain, floods, violence and vermin. Homes lack running water and proper sanitation, which impacts the community at large.

Builders for ‘change works with Canadian non-profit LiveDifferent, well known in the area and have feet on the ground in order to facilitate a group such as Builders For Change.

“This is our fourth build in Puerto Plata as a group and something we are very proud of,” said Matt Pryce, chair of Builders for Change.

The local builders need gainful employment and coordinate their trades and supplies in order to make it happen in such a tight time line.

“The Melissa Bazely Legacy build was very special for all of us and marks our 10th anniversary as Builders For Change,” said Phil Kelly, vice-chair of Builders for Change.

Builders For Change is a grassroots charity founded by Melissa Bazely of Barrie. The group is dedicated to nurturing, educating and empowering youth in the developing world to become tomorrow’s mentors and leaders, one person at a time.

Builders For Change, a group of dedicated volunteers based in Barrie, continues to fulfill Melissa’s dream.For additional information, go to