BCA enhances Plan Room printing features

bca printing

The Barrie Construction Association says it has added new Plan Room printing features, including:

  • Convenient large format print tracking and monthly invoicing;
  • Volume discounts for members that print more than 500 sq. ft. within a month; and
  • Large format printing now available in colour or on Mylar paper.

“In addition to accessing bidders lists and bid results directly from the electronic plan room, we are also able to scan and digitize paper drawings,” says BCA executive director Alison Smith. “The digitized images can be returned to you in an email attachment, burnt to a disc or we can return the drawings to you on a USB key.”

Print requests can be sent by email to printing@barrieca.com and will be ready in less than one hour.

“We welcome and encourage you to make use of these tools provided so that our members can grow their businesses by providing the best possible service to our city,” Smith wrote in her note to BCA members.