DCC to start e-bids in winter 2015

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Starting this winter, Defence Construction Canada (DCC) will move to an electronic bidding system, accepting only online electronic bids (e-bids) using the service provider MERX.

The move is a win-win for DCC, industry and the environment as e-bids are greener, reduce time, improve analysis and are expected to add little or no cost to industry.

“The procurement process lies at the very core of our ability to be effective and cost efficient,” says Mélinda Nycholat, vice-president, operations—procurement. “Adopting an online, e-bidding capability enhances industry access, makes contract administration more efficient, reduces the potential for bidder errors and allows DCC to more easily manage the tendering process from beginning to end. We are very excited to launch e-bidding this fall for the benefit of everyone involved in supporting the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces through DCC contracts.”

Using e-bids, contractors can submit their bid online, revise their bid at any time prior to tender close, upload their e-bid bond directly into the system, submit their bid security through an electronic fund transfer and receive a confirmation number once the e-bid is submitted. Nycholat adds there will be minimal or no additional cost to contractors who submit electronically and DCC will not be using reverse auctions on the e-bidding system.

She says tenders that do not require bid security will be rolled out first on a region-by-region basis.

Future phases will include tenders that require bid bonds followed by tenders where bid security is provided through an electronic funds transfer. Electronic submission of Requests for Proposal will be developed in future years.

For more information, contact DCC procurement specialist Richard Allie at richard.allie@dcc-cdc.gc.ca.