Partnering with the City of Barrie


Approximately four years ago, members of the BCA and representatives of the purchasing community in the Greater Simcoe County Region, began discussions ways we could work together to better utilize the local talents and resources to develop our rapidly growing communities.

On June 26, the BCA hosted an event which provided members with professional development as we gave the City of Barrie the platform to walk us through the new processes underway in the Building and Planning Department.

This session’s purpose was to engage in an informative and interactive discussion to help us share ideas and build trust. It assisted members in overcoming obstacles and improving timelines when dealing with the City of Barrie approvals, permits and inspections.

The new director of planning and building services, Andrea Bourrie, is passionately committed to instilling new processes aimed directly towards streamlining the approval, permit and inspection experience.

Walking members through these processes, Bourrie was joined by Drew Rigden, deputy chief building official/supervisor of building services; Chris Glanville, chief building official; and Kim Cunningham, supervisor of inspections.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­