President’s Message: Russ Kerr


I initially joined the BCA back in 2000 when Vipond Fire Protection opened a new location in Barrie. By 2001, I had joined the board of directors. In 2004 I first took the helm as president and am now proud to be completing my second term.

The BCA has always been represented by a strong board who represent a diverse cross-section of the industry and bring with them a depth, breadth and knowledge that benefits us all. This, historically, has always been one of our strengths. BCA members benefit from representation from a mix of experience who are also sources of knowledge and answers. That diversity is such a value added. From the one-man shop to the corporate presence, these members represent the BCA in its entirety. Though the board will experience a significant refreshment this year, I am confident we will be leaving you in capable hands. And, of course, I’ll continue to attend 😉 as past president ;).

Over the past decade we’ve done some investing, some rebranding, and took on some initiatives that in the end brought people together who hadn’t been before, opening new connections and bridging new opportunities. We’ve looked at the marketplace and at what we as an association can do for members. Thanks to expansions in the electronic plan room, members can more easily reach further and do more. We are now pulling in projects from far and wide and our members are proving their value outside the county.

It is these opportunities that I would encourage everyone to embrace. Our industry struggles with being both too busy, and too slow, to take advantage of networking and training. Both though are exactly when we need to continue to network, to promote our businesses and to make connections. This is a hurdle we recognize and in putting on the Constructing Relationships…. Constructing Solutions events try to address by connecting one to the next, by constantly evolving and seeking feedback, by engaging and empowering those in attendance to discussion, and by challenging them in the end, to action.

The BCA has never been an idle association but a progressive one, we are not reactive but proactive, excelling as a communicator by reaching out, listening and taking your feedback to incorporate into new initiatives and ideas.

BCA’s members are equally engaged and proactive in their support of our wider community, whether through the Ride for Cancer, which this year raised more than $12,000, or the golf tournament, where members this year came out to connect, raised $3,000 for the Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie, and built on the great relationship we have always had with the community as a whole.

We have always enjoyed a good relationship with COCA, both for the professionalism it extends and its connections to the national associations. As I move forward in a new role on the Canadian Construction Association’s Board of Directors, we will continue to foster that relationship for the benefit of our members.

The construction industry has always been a great industry. Even these days when our highs and lows are greater than ever, it’s still exciting and fun. I’ve been at this now for 30 years and feel like I’m just getting started. Now, if we could just get paid on time…