Safety is always the focus for Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd.


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Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. believes safety is always paramount – before, during and post-COVID-19.

Starting out as a small but powerful duo in Barrie the growing company has been a provider of safety training services for the past 20 years.

Deemed an essential business, owner Bruce Bolduc says the global pandemic has highlighted one of his keys to success – the ability for his business to continually grow and evolve, along with ensuring the range of services evolves to meet the industry’s growing needs.

“COVID forced an interesting shift in my business, as everything changed instantly for everyone,” said Bolduc. While people are often resistant to change, the fear of shutdowns meant quick shifts to implement health and safety measures on construction sites across the province.

Almost a year later, workers have adapted to increased infection control practices and  Bolduc says he believes many changes will be staying around after the pandemic is over.

“What will be the legacy of COVID-19 be?” he asked. “I believe that masks and some of the other protocols like physical distancing can vanish, but I think you are going to see one of the things that will definitely continue is workers being cognizant of others’ health… and how it can affect you.”

Hand-washing stations could be permanent fixtures and heightened sanitation protocols are here to stay.

Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. prides itself on a record of success and the ability to shift quickly and adapt to changing demands from the industry.

As a result, there are now two large offices capable of providing training and provide live examples of using and caring for equipment such as harnesses, lifelines, hoisting and rigging equipment, and scaffolding.

They are equipped with a fully functional telehandler, forklift, scissor lift, elevated work platform, boatswain chair, propane tanks and torches, and more.

Construction safety training course include:

  • Working at Heights
  • Working at Heights Refresher
  • Basics of Supervising (Gold Seal)
  • Chainsaw Safety
  • Confined Space
  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Forklift Safety Class 4 & 5
  • Heavy Equipment Safe Operations
  • Natural Gas Heat (ROT) in Construction
  • Propane Gas Heat
  • Hoisting and Rigging

In addition, trainers can tailor programs to unique needs and carry out training on-site.

All trainers have been chosen for their attitude towards safety, specific industry capabilities, and for their continuous on-the-job experience.

They bring their own success, expertise and knowledge from the construction, municipal and industrial sector right into the classroom.

“No matter who you get as a trainer, the information taught will be straight across the board, and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied and ready to apply what you’ve learned in our classroom on your job site,” Bolduc said. “Reach out to us any time while you are on site with any questions.”

Reliable expert level site safety audits bring top experts to worksites across the province, no matter where you are located – Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. experts like to travel – and they work well with environmental safety too,”

“Seriously, we’ve sent them to the far corners of Canada, including swing stage training in Nunavut and travelling deep down into the ground with SNOLAB© for a scaffolding project,” Bolduc said.

Inspectors generate easy-to-read reports using a well known app, and discuss extensively our findings to promote learning opportunities and safety discussions.

Bolduc continues to respond to the evolving changes in the construction industry, adapting his business to meet new needs, even during the pandemic.

In fact, a new training program has been added recently, in response to an identified need in the construction industry with a CVOR program for construction.

“I noticed there was a bit of a lack of knowledge in regard to CVOR and after I started asking a few questions at smaller and mid-sized companies, I could see that this new training was needed,” Bolduc said.

After just a few sessions of CVOR training for construction professionals, it is clear that the decision was on the right track and feedback for the new training program has been excellent.

As the second wave of the pandemic continues, COVID fatigue is more common, partly because of how regulations have changed and changed again.

“People are worried about their jobs, their kids aren’t in school and they are focused on getting their jobs done and taking care of their families. We come in with gentle reminders that these protocols and changes are important. They are about everyone’s health and safety.”

really important to remember when they are doing everything we told them and now you are changing all the rules again.”

He reminds workers not to lose sight of other safety concerns and practices and to remember “this is one chapter in a very large safety book.”

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